Thinking of My Dad

As I’ve mentioned several times in the blog over the last few months, my dad has been having a rough health time as of late. His health struggles, coinciding with my chemo, has made life in the Yudell orbit sad, strange, and very heavy hearted. While the news on my end has been all positive (no more lymphoma, chemo working nicely despite its travails), he seems to be having trouble catching a break. We are hoping that he turns the corner soon so he can be back at his favorite Sunday brunch scouting out the blintzes, pancakes, egg white omelets, etc., etc., etc. and, if you know his appetite, several more etc’s.

There is nothing more frustrating for me than to be stuck here recovering, having no choice but to take care of myself, and not being able to do anything other than to lend support and love over the phone. My mother has been a rock–taking care of him and offering me and Jacqui love from afar (and, of course, coming up here when she can), and my sister is down there now on a long weekend being the wonderful daughter she is.

I am not a praying man, although I must admit to having had my own conversations with a higher power fairly often these past few years. Needless to say, those conversations have been on the increase as of late. So if you are out there and have a moment, some hopeful and kind thoughts for my dad and my family would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. Michael, Sounds like your and Dad and Tim would make a great team once we get them eating again. Forgot to mention that Tim is a big sushi eater also, he’s even tried Cafe CHOP’s sushi, he even got me to eat a few pieces (the things a mom will do for their kids) Hope you are feeling better and thanks for all your help, I’m sure I’ll have more questions for you soon. Laurie


  2. Dear Dad,we haven’t seen each other in I don’t know how many years….it’s a lot, though..Michael’s post on this subject hit me deep in my soul…I spent four months flying back and forth from san diego to Muttontown to be with Sari as she went through her infusions..I missed just one of them, on purpose, because Allyn wanted to go. Looking back on it, I believe it was one of the most meaningful experiences of my life. Sari and I were seamless…and continue to be, as best we can, but the distance apart is rugged.It is extremely difficult to be away from a loved one in times of stress. I feel Michael’s angst and at the same time I am totally confident that you know that you are surrounded by his love. I would like to take just a moment to tell you that my prayers and best wishes are with you, as well.warmly,Steve


  3. to steve…thank you for your good wishes and all of the love michael feels and we feel from you. it is amazing that is seems like just moments ago that we sat at basketball games watching the boys play together. i much appreciate all you have done for michael and our hearts were with you every step of the way with you and allyn and sari. stay well and our love to you and your families. fondly, allen


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