The Magic Milk

Not much to report from chemo-land today.

Life for me in the hospital is boring. Other than the drugged state I was in last night from 50mg of benadryl to prevent a reaction from the Rituximab, I’ve pretty much just been sitting around picking my nose.

Today was Sophia’s 2 month check-up (even though she’s 10 weeks) and the doctor says she is thriving (she’s in the 95th percentile for height and weight–13lbs. 6oz., 24 1/2 inches). She also had several shots today so she’s a bit of a crankster, but we are just happy that she’s happy and healthy and adorable. I couldn’t be there in person, so I was speaker phoned in, and heard all of the post-shot screaming which I’ve filed away in my brain as sounds that make me cringe that I never want to hear again.

Just two more nights here, then a few days at home, and then the B cycle fun begins as my counts drop into the crapper. Should be fun.

5 thoughts on “The Magic Milk”

  1. so. i never taught michael to pick his nose nor did i tell him or give him permission to talk about it to the whole wide world– for pete’s sake. what does everyone think of this??? from, his shhh mom


  2. don’t pick your nose. it’s gross. Otis wanted me to let you know he forgives you for the near drowning experience. He emphasisized his love of the white stuff (i always giggle when the news refers to snow that way) by spraying every tree within a block of your house while on a quick jaunt today. Hope you are feeling okay. Let me know if there’s anything you or Jacqui need.much love,margaux


  3. hi. in rereading some of your blogs i came across this one again and i would like you to delete the nose thing. i do not ask much but i HATE it with a passion. considering what a great great mom i am…yaya yaya yada


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