Otis’s Surge

I noticed earlier this evening that traffic to the blog had risen dramatically during the last few days. On a typical day the blog sees anywhere between 100 and 250 readers. Yesterday we had well over 1000 visitors. Being a bit chemo-brained it took me a while to figure out that it wasn’t delymphomatization that was attracting new readers, nor was it that our adorable daughter’s smile had suddenly gone viral on the web, but rather it was furry little Otis registering his opposition to our President’s so-called “surge” who was attracting all the attention. Otis, you are more than man’s best friend, you are now a national symbol against a failed war and a failed presidency. Way to go little man. You’ve made us proud.

So a hat-tip to the folks at buzzflash.com who somehow discovered that Otis too had come out against the “surge” and posted our little puppy on their site.

By the way, Otis is still against the surge, despite being threatened by a neighborhood pit bull (neutered) named Cheney.

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