Manny Poppins

On Sunday night, Manny Poppins (aka one of my closest friends, Bill Shein), blew in with the north wind from the Berkshires, umbrella and all. Bill will be staying with us for the next few weeks, helping out with the baby, sitting with me in the hospital having heated political discussions until I fall asleep, and walking Otis and his sweet dog Ella until they are so tired they too fall asleep.

Bill has been an incredible friend through all of this lymphoma-related nonsense. He has called every day, been in Philadelphia for each of my treatments, and helped me put together with his nerdy web skills. He is also single, so for all you ladies out there looking for a great guy, he fits the bill, literally. I am screening potential suitors, so if you are interested, please send me an email and photo and I will let you know if you are up to snuff.

When Bill was not much older than Sophia, he lost his father to leukemia, so I know that it must feel good for him to be able to see me get through this, and be such an integral and essential part of the process. I can only hope that the long life I will live and calling him Manny Poppins for the rest of our days, let’s him know how I feel about his friendship, his dedication, and his love for Jacqui, Sophia, Otis and I. We all love you too Manny.


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  1. dear manny, we have always loved you and considered you an important part of our family. don’t get too serious as manny and think you can fly using your umbrella. much love, jane and allen


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