Monday, Monday

Still have a cold, though it is now finally on the way out. Chemo is now scheduled for Monday through Thursday, so come and visit me on 6 or 7 Rhodes at Penn. I’ll post the room number on Monday once I am checked in.

Because Sophia takes priority, Jacq will be spending minimal time with me in the hospital this run, so I’ll need visitors after I catch up from the lack of sleep these last 5 weeks. Otis managed to pull a piece of friend chicken off the counter, aggravating what was a healing stomach, and once again dragged me out three times to poo last night. The lack of sleep is not helping me get rid of this cold.

Being without Sophia, Jacq, and Otis for three nights is really going to suck, but it sure beats the transplant alternative, which would have meant 3-4 weeks away. I am thankfully for that on so many levels, most especially the fact that I didn’t need the transplant itself. Bring the chemo on. I can’t wait to get this over with.

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  1. Hi guys – Was just catching up on the blog after the new year. So overjoyed to hear things are going well – with gorgeous Sophia, your trip to Fla, and the treatment. Jac – the phone tag will continue, I can’t wait to chat. Lots of love and a Happy & Healthy New Year.


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