Merry Christmas!

Today Sophia, Jacqui and I packed up the Yudell family truckster and headed south to Miami for a few days of fun in the sun on the beach. No matter that tomorrow’s weather forecast is for rain, Jacqui and I are just happy to be on our first, albeit brief, vacation in a year. And tonight, despite the bad weather, the three of us are heading to the Jets/Dolphins game for some Monday Night Football. Sophia is sure to be the youngest Jets fan in attendance.

It has been quite a four months for us, and we are so happy just to be alone, hanging out, and enjoying one another without IVs, chemo, or blood draws. There is now an end in sight to this whole wacky world of de-lypmhomatization (more on what’s to come in a blog later this week), and this “intermission”, which brought us Sophia and some much needed recovery time, has been a wonderful time. I know that I’ll be bald again in a few weeks, weakened from chemo in mind and body. But I also now know that my body recovers quickly, that I am lymphoma free, and that the future is bright and long.

4 thoughts on “Merry Christmas!”

  1. Seeing all of these pictures of Sophia and Jordana & I could not help ourselves. We are happy to report to you guys that we are expecting and looking forward to not only a Casper / Otis reunion but a whole lot more next year (mid-June delivery date). Hope you guys enjoyed the Jets game and are savoring the nice weather. Happy Holidays.


  2. now we know what grandma sarah and grandpa julie felt like when they watched you and andrea when you visited florida or whenever you went on a vacation by yourselves. nothing but joy. getting away from it all is the best respite from the rest of the world. i know dad and i enjoyed every vacation with you and sister and now our next generation is going to feel the same. keep taking photos. all of you enjoy the ride. and congrats to jordana and jay. what a blessing for you both. jacqui, michael and grand daughter sophia -we love you. have a wonderful time. you look and sound so happy. love you, grandma and grandpa


  3. Careful of the Sun.. especially with the disapearing ozone layer. Sophia should not have her skin exposed at this time for not even a minute. she should be covered from head to toe, especially in Florida……..From the EPA


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