Sophia Loves…

Today is Sophia’s three week birthday. It is hard to believe that it has just been three weeks. She is such an incredible presence in our lives, and it is hard to believe that she was never here. She is changing every day, makes us smile more broadly morning, noon, and night, and her cuteness is so infectious that I’ve bought myself my own terry-cloth frog towel that I have taken to wearing around the house in an attempt to just look cute (which is hard for a post-chemo, mostly hairless 38-year-old). Below is a collection of some photos of Sophia’s family and friends who have visited over the past few weeks.

Sophia loves her big brother Otis.

And Sophia loves her Grandma.

Sophia loves her Bubbe and Papa Z.

Sophia loves her Aunt Andrea.

And Sophia loves her Uncle Bill.

Sophia loves her Uncle Paul and Aunt Bette (especially when they changed her diaper).

Sophia loves her Uncle Kelvin.

And Sophia loves her Aunties Ivy and Marci.

Sophia love her Cousin Dara and friend Julie.

And Sophia loves her Aunt Lisa.

And today Sophia got a special surprise visit from her Uncle Alvan. Lucky Sophia!

Finally, this weekend Sophia is so excited to meet her Grandpa whom she loves so very much. Yay!

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