On Tuesday night I came down with a bad cold and began hosing myself down with Howard Hughes-like rigor. Tonight I am finally feeling better.

Today Jacqui came down with the same bad cold and has been dressed in a Howard Hughes-designed space suit-like outfit that has a velcro patch over her nipples so she can nurse Sophia without infecting her with the cold.

So far Sophia is doing fine and spends her day laughing at her mama’s silly looking space suit-like outfit.

One thought on “Colds”

  1. hey mike,after a long semester and just completing the writing of my students’ final exam i wanted to take some time to check out your blog. congratulations on the birth of your daughter!!! it sounds like you’ve been having a pretty rough time but it also sounds like things are going uphill from here. you missed an interesting 20 year reunion… there’s always the next one – what’s another 10 years? i’m hoping that your recovery goes really quickly and painlessly from this point on. i truly admire your sense of humor throughout wishes to you and your family,monica


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