At my marrow biopsy last week I had instructed my nurse practitioner NOT to call me, under ANY circumstances, with the results of the marrow test. I wanted to be able to spend the weekend with the baby not worrying about what may or may not lay in my marrow. I just wanted to be free, and not think about lymphoma, and just focus on Sophia and Jacqui.

So much for that plan.

About 10 minutes ago, still sticking to the rules, Lisa (the incredible nurse practitioner who Jacqui and I love so much) sent an email both congratulating us on the baby and adding to our incredible happiness by telling me that my marrow was lymphoma free. Because the marrow needed to be negative to proceed with the autologous stem cell transplant, and because having my marrow lymphoma free is a great sign of things to come, we are thrilled beyond belief and thank my incredible team at Penn who is making me well so that I can enjoy a long life with my lovely wife and our shiny new beautiful daughter who has brought us great blessings in her first hours of life.

And now for a bonus photo of mother and child…

11 thoughts on “Blessings”

  1. Congratulations! So much good news! We are so excited for you guys and can’t wait to meet Sophia!Love, Theresa, Scott, & Skye


  2. Ok, I have been choked up all day but this news brings on the tears of happiness!! What incredible news!! We can’t wait to celebrate with you guys!!Love,Ivy, Avi and Maya


  3. Well you have certainly had a wonderful couple of days and I can’t think of anyone who deserves it more! We are so very happy for,Brooke and Dan


  4. I have never seen a new mom look as beautiful as Jac does in those pictures. Sending so much love and mazels…welcome to the wonderful world of parenthood!xo,Pam (and jason and noah)


  5. Great news!! Mazel Tov!!! Sophia is gorgious, and Jacqui and Mike, you two look great!!! Love,Beth, Phil, Scott and Hayley


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