Still 2cm But Almost 100% Effaced

Moving along nicely.

Jacqui had an epidural. The contractions from the pitocin were barely 30 seconds apart and very intense. Jacqui had really really wanted to have a “natural” childbirth, but under the circumstances, we’ll call this a 100% natural childbirth in 100% unnatural circumstances.

She is now resting nicely and the doc is hopeful that the effacement will be followed by a widening cervix for Lester to jump through.

3 thoughts on “Still 2cm But Almost 100% Effaced”

  1. Having not heard a thing from Michael all day, I decided to check, and low and behold, more information than I would have gotten out of him had I had him on the phone. We’re all eagerly expecting little lester/lesterina in just a few hours, s/he who will bring joy to us endlessly, ultimately relieving Jacqui of an enormous tummy, and allowing baldmike to stop screaming at his wife’s stomach for her/him to come out. She’s almost here, and I can wait to see him!kelvin


  2. what are you doing besides blogging Jacqui’s entire delivery? Has anyone gone to the bathroom that we should know about?Seriously, It is truly unbelievable to share this intimate moment with the two of you


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