The Door Is Now Open

Yesterday we visited Jacq’s OB for a quick check up. Baby and mother are doing A-OK, and I am excited to report that “the door” is now open (for those of you who are a little slow on the uptake, Jacq is now dilating). It could still be a while (she is only 1cm), but at least we are moving in the right direction.

Today we met Lester’s pediatrician, which was very exciting for us, especially since we both got lollipops at the end of the visit.

That’s about all I got for you tonight. An early happy turkey to you all.

6 thoughts on “The Door Is Now Open”

  1. May Lester’s birth be smooth, meaningful, and healthy for the baby and Jacqui. We are thinking about you and praying for you!Love,Rachel


  2. Please, please read some Shel Silverstein to Lester right away. I want to be sure he/she’s familiar with the best children’s writer ever. Maurice Sendak in a close second.Much love to you both.-Margaux


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