Feed Me, Seymour!

This morning, with my blood counts dropping more quickly than the mood of Republicans on Capitol Hill (OK, I’ll quit it for now with the political jabs), I received two pints of blood and a bag of platelets to soften the B-cycle chemo crash.

Today’s gift of life comes from my Rabbi and friend Avi Winokur, and my friend and fellow Philadelphian Brian Rubenstein. Thanks, guys! Today your generosity of self and spirit literally made me a better man.

There are two temples in a Jewish man’s world–shul and a baseball stadium. I look forward to the three of us spending some time together in both places soon, especially given that I now look like this…

2 thoughts on “Feed Me, Seymour!”

  1. i have felt truly sorry that i am unable to donate my blood, since i am O+ and would have been a candidate for you. however, they told me they wouldn’t allow pregnant ladies to give up their red blood cells……


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