A Sleepy Week

Just a quick update to let you all know that I am doing fine.

Last week and into the weekend I slept a lot. No, I pretty much only slept, sleeping off what was a really rough “B” cycle in the chemo. Last cycle, the “A”, I may have vomited up my gall bladder, but I recovered quickly and was back in the gym 10 days following discharge. This time, no gym so far. The most exercise I’ve gotten is walking the dog.

The doctor predicted this, but is quite happy with how quickly my body has bounced back. Last week he didn’t expect my blood counts to be high enough for me to be on schedule for the next round of treatment this week. Unfortunately (because I really wanted this week off to do some writing and relaxing), my counts were creeping towards normal on Friday, and tomorrow, after more tests, we’ll know for sure if they are good enough for me to start chemo again on Wednesday.

Also, for those of you still seeking to donate blood to me, I am covered for the moment. I am deeply touched by the response I got for the call for blood. Thank you. But I still may need more for the next round. So don’t go shooting up heroin any of you A’s or O’s.

So there you have it. I will put up a post tomorrow to let you know if I am going in later this week. If so, visitors are welcomed and encouraged. Scrabble anyone?

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