Remember This Guy? (I’ll Be Back)

Woke up today feeling much, much better. The neutropenia probably hit its nadir yesterday, and it was a pretty grueling day. While the nastier side effects of this last cycle were milder than the first, this treatment is more immunosuppressive, and yesterday it felt like I had cement coarsing through my veins. Getting off the couch had to be done in stages: the sit up, the feet to the floor, the stagger to wherever (repeat, return to couch). It wasn’t much fun.

After I got out of the shower last night I opened the drawer where I keep my brush, hoping to comb my hair. Then I looked in the mirror only to see a lollipop-less Kojak staring back at me.


I know I’ll get my hair back along with my health, but I do miss my mane. I’ve noticed that I must have had a habit to run my hand through my hair, because I periodically do that now, and all that happens is I irritate my scalp.

Maybe for now I’ll wear this Donald Trump weave to protect my dome…

5 thoughts on “Remember This Guy? (I’ll Be Back)”

  1. well, “the donald” look was a bit of a shocker i must say but you know i am a great haircutter, so your mama will give it a trim when i get there in a couple of weeks. don’t bother hiding it cause i will get out my trump locator signal. unless you want me to hop a plane to save the hair day today. always looking for a reason to see you and jacq and the tummy. thumbs up to you as usual. i love you both. mom p.s. even in the the the hair.


  2. The red hair is beautiful- it can’t be from a bottle, can it? We love the red hair around these parts. (We’re waiting for a picture of Otis with red hair). We hope you have a peaceful and meaningful Yom Kippur. Gmar Hatimah Tovah. Love,The Patts


  3. I think you have to try a spiky long blonde hair wig – imported from Japan – I can get you a good deal on one and some tricked out chuck taylors with the gucci logo. What do you think?


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