Zombie Breakfast

Fever broke at 7am. Feeling much better. Blood count dropped even further, but will start bouncing back over the weekend.

My doctor, who we adore, joined us for breakfast in my room this morning. We love chatting with him, but having slept just a few hours, and having sweat off 40% of my body weight, I could barely stay awake. We filled him up with an omlette and some coffee, and sent him off to do rounds. Godspeed Doctor Stephen J. Schuster. Keep up the good work!

3 thoughts on “Zombie Breakfast”

  1. Shabbat Shalom Mackie and Jichael. Sorry- this is what Maya is calling you these days. Glad to hear yesterday was better. We will talk to you soon when Mommy visits. We hope that you enjoyed the chocolate chip cookies. Who won the BBQ contest? Peace,Maya and Avi


  2. Jichael,ok, here is my attempt at a “short and sweet comment” as instructed by you…where is your post from today, I’m waiting!!! It was great seeing you guys, it only made me wish we lived closer so that I could see you more often…keep up the good work!


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