How to Use a Blog (or Welcome to the 21st Century)

Since I will not be able to speak to all of you every day, I welcome you to Bald Mike’s Blog, a place where we can communicate via the amazing technology of this new fad called the internet. Contrary to Alaska Senator Ted Steven’s, the internet is not actually “a series of tubes.” To hear Sen. Steven’s actually call the internet a series of tubes (I’m serious about this), click this link:

So I post… then you all respond to me, to each other, to your imaginary internet friend, and we create a happy little virtual community where we can take care of one another (kumbaya), make fun of my soon-to-be shiny head, share meatloaf recipes, and make fun of the quickly fading Boston Red Sox.

You can do all of this by clicking on the “comments” button below each of my blog postings, and writing a-little something.

So there you have it. See you online.

2 thoughts on “How to Use a Blog (or Welcome to the 21st Century)”

  1. Hi Moish,The Patts are here. Glad to hear that you got started. We are sitting here with my (Avi’s) parents. Yehuda wants to post a comment: You are approaching this the right way. Laughter is the best medicine. I have never seen a Lymphoma cell that did not succumb to laughter and a good sense of humor. Your lymphoma is a curable one and you are doing everything you can do. Good luck. Keep up the good spirits. By the way- what is your Hebrew name so I can make a mishe-berach?Avi: Moish- picture all of the above voiced in a thick Israeli accent. Thanks for the posting- keep ’em coming. Say hi to Big Papi in the hospital. Talk to you soon,Avi, Ivy, Maya (and Yehuda and Nurit)


  2. Hi Michael:I am glad you have finally started on the road to freedom. Love the pictures although the chemo chair has given me an eerie feeling of the past but a good feeling of the future. John Lester of the Red Sox, to add to their baseball woes and on a more serious note was admitted to the hospital with symptoms of swollen lymphnodes and is being looked at in terms of a potential cancer diagnosis – not good. I hope Jacqui is doing well – I had a great talk with her yesterday. Send my best to your family and keep up the good work.Al


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