Treatment – Day 3

August 28, 2006

Rituximab 1, Lymphoma 0

Today I received my largest dose of rituximab. Rituximab is a genetically engineered monoclonal antibody specifically targeted to the CD20 antigen on the B-Cells involved in my lymphoma. Just over an hour into the treatment I started to cough uncontrollably, which was followed by a spike in my temperature and severe chills that left me shuddering for almost thirty minutes. It was not painful at all, and, because the reaction meant that the drug was doing its job, it actually felt good to be coughing and shuddering like crazy.

As soon as the infusion ended, all the effects wore off.

After the treatment, Jacqui, my mom and I went shopping for baby furniture. We bought an adorable set, and can’t wait to meet the little Yudell/Rick that will sleep in it. The baby is due in three months, and despite all of this lymphoma nonsense, all I feel is joy when I think of what is to come.

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