Some More Exciting Milestones

Just a quick note to let you know that I had my official 5-years-since-chemo visit (even though my official post-chemo anniversary isn’t until April 4–I won’t see the doctor again until August) and got the big thumbs up from Schuster. Everything normal. A durable remission, I am told. And this May will be 7-years-since-diagnosis. Finally, next week I celebrate my 11th birthday (in leap years).  So all is good here.

Lymphomathon 2011

On October 22nd, our family will walk in the Lymphoma Research Foundation’s annual 5K “Lymphomathon” to raise money for the organization that has been an important part of our lives over the last 6 years.  It is amazing to think that this spring will bring the 5 year anniversary of my ongoing remission.  Each year we talk and think about lymphoma a little less, but of course there is so much work that still needs to be done.  Tens of thousands of people are diagnosed with lymphoma every year and many still die from the disease, including friends of ours.

I am writing to ask those of you who live in or near Philadelphia to consider joining our team, BaldMike, for the walk on October 22nd.  Bust out your sneakers, double strollers, rocket-powered roller skates, whatever, and make your way to the beautiful Norristown Farm Park. We have had friends walk with us in years past and it makes the day even more special.

For more information please click the link below…

Been Too Long

Greetings earthlings. It has been almost a year since I posted to the site and I’ve received a few emails from worried well-wishers making sure that I was ok.

Yes, I am doing great, thanks for asking.
Next week I will pass the 5-years-since-chemo-started milestone and I will be celebrating it in good health. I had a check up last month and got the big thumbs up.
Good health to all those out there in lymphoma-land!

All Is Well

I’ve gotten a few emails recently from blog readers asking if I was OK, given that I have not posted since the sleepless days of March when Charlotte was born.

The report from here is great. Charlotte is thriving, Sophia is doing great, and Jacq and I are starting to get some sleep (thank goodness!).