I was at Penn this morning to see the incredible team of Steve Schuster, M.D. and Lisa Downs, M.S., CRNP, who gave me a clean bill of health, told me I could SCUBA dive all I wanted on my upcoming vacation, and gave me a going away present of a case of the highest SPF suncreen known to humankind. Post-chemo sun tanning is a big no-no for about a year so I’ll be silly-looking the guy under the palm tree lathered up in a thick layer white sunblock. But at least I’ll be sitting in the sand under a palm tree. Not bad considering just a month ago I was getting juiced up with bags of blood and platelets.

My blood counts were all normal and robust today. My counts have not been this normal in almost a year. Wow. Gotta hand it to those platelets. Just a month ago they were really struggling, and now they are relaxed, having a great time, and looking forward to some R&R in the Cayman Islands with me. Thanks platelets!!! Vacation well deserved!!! And thanks also to my red and white blood cells and my, take a deep fulfilling breath, hemoglobin.

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